About Us

Joe Games 002711425-X was founded on December 7 2016 as a sole proprietorship. The intent of this business is to establish an affordable games and consoles for all.Two founders are responsible for Joe Games while 4 other game developers are in the team.The operating budget of Joe Games is small to ensure the business is following Lean StartUp Methodology. Overhead cost is minimal since there are no physical location for the business. All developers are working remotely from their home.Joe Games develops video games for mobile,PC and console. Hellanoid:Archer vs Dragons is Joe Games’ debut title. Joe Games made a number of appearances in online medias such as IGDB,JomGaming, Google News,Yahoo News and others.Games are being distributed via online distributions methods and development tools.

Vision: To establish a world class game and technology company with the highest quality and reliability entertainment systems.

Mission: To build a game company that will be the first choice for anyone who wants to play games, with an active presence all over the world.

Mukesh Maran

Co-Founder, Developer & Go-To Guy

Ikmal Hakim

Co-Founder & Developer

Miguel Rivera

Almighty Developer

Reezoo Bose

Backend Dev & All Networking Stuffs

Hello! is it you we’re looking for?

(Yeah... remember the song?)

Hello! is it you we’re looking for?

(Yeah... remember the song?)

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