Hellanoid : Archer vs Dragon

Johor,Malaysia – 20th October, 2017: Joe Games released “Hellanoid:Archer vs Dragons” today. The game is a 2D Casual game which is available for free in the Google Playstore. The main character is an archer where users will have to shoot the incoming dragons. Joe Games have 3 games in development this year. The Founder, Mukesh Maran and Co-founder, Ikmal Hakim are the only 2 developers that worked on Hellanoid. More Updates is set to be released in sooner time.

Download !
for Android

The simple 2D game can act as a leisure game for anyone at any ages. The startup founder, Mukesh Maran confirmed that “Long Run” ( ) will be their 3rd game which will be released by next year.

Joe Games is turning into a Publisher

Several members of Joe Games have came up with a plan of funding and acquiring hyper casual games developed by solo developer mainly to publish it under Joe Games.

Super Street Helix

A helix game which was proposed by a solo developer from India , Sarfraz have been acquired by Joe Games. Joe Games is now polsihing the game to make it a "plus" version of the original Helix Game. We are not looking into making the smae exact game. We took the main mechanics and adding some differet powerup and will be launching it soon.

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